Project Progress

The INDIGO project will run for 48 months and started in May 2014 so will end in April 2018. The first part of the study involves collecting samples from patients, in vivo and in vitro models. These will then be assayed using a variety of ‘omics approaches. Finally the project will recruit a bioinformatician/biostatistician for 12 months to analyse the results and identify meaningful correlations.

June 2017

  • Review paper accepted, The microbiota and autoimmunity: Their role in thyroid autoimmune diseases. Hedda L. Köhling, Sue F. Plummer, Julian R. Marchesi, Kelly S. Davidge and Marian Ludgate. Clinical Immunology183C (2017) pp. 63-74 DOI information: 10.1016/j.clim.2017.07.001

May 2017

  • Second progress report received by EU; 211 patients recruited

April 2017

  • Filippo Biscarini begins recruitment at Cardiff University; M36, WP9

February 2017

  • Publishable summary online

December 2016

  • Review paper accepted, The thyroid, the eyes and the gut: a possible connection. D Covelli & M Ludgate J Endocrinol Invest DOI 10.1007/s40618-016-0594-6

November 2016

  • Indigo data meeting at Munich and participation in 10th EUGOGO teaching course

April 2016

  • Indigo MTR meeting and Symposium in Cardiff

January 2016

  • Danila Covelli seconded to PTP; M21, WP2 & 5

October 2015

  • Giulia Masetti seconded to Cardiff University; M18, WP6&7 and WP8

September 2015

  • Lei Zhang seconded to PTP; M17, WP6

June 2015

  • Danila Covelli seconded to Cultech; M13, WP2 & 5

May 2015

  • First progress report received EU, 30 patients recruited

April 2015

  • First annual meeting Essen; M11, WP1 & 9

February 2015

  • Sajad Moshkelgosha recruited Essen; M10, WP4

January 2015

  • Hedda Kohling seconded to Cultech; M9, WP2 & 5

September 2014

  • Trial manager, Giuseppe Colucci recruited Milan; M5, WP3

May 2014

  • Kick-off meeting Newcastle
  • INDIGO project starts; M1, WP1 & 9